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Vita Flex means vitality throug the reflexes, Tibetan reflexology in seattle certified reflexologist hand and foot massage

Vita Flex Reflexology


45 Minutes - $50


Vita Flex means vitality through the reflexes.

It is a reflexology technique for hands and feet based on Tibetan practice.  Rather than using the pulsing thumbwalking style of classical reflexology, it uses a finger curling method that lightly hooks into tissue and pulls at the layers of fascia.  It has a rocking quality to the movement and is really effective at stirring up energy in the body.

Tibetan and Western reflexology share a similar concept that the whole body can be effected by work on the hands and feet and both styles use a similar reflexology map with only a few variations of point locations.

The technique follows a set routine of movements.  In this session, work begins on the soles of the feet, then around the ankles and up to the shins to the knees.  The series is again performed on the hands.  This technique is done while the client is fully clothed and lying on the massage table.

This technique was brought to America in Stanley Burroughs' 1976 book, "Healing for the Age of Enlightenment"


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