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Thai Foot Massage

Foot Soak + 50 minutes Thai Foot Massage $75


Thai foot massage is said to have developed thousands of years ago by the Buddha's doctor, Jivaka Kumarabhacca.  As Buddha traveled through Asia, his doctor performed this work for him every day.  This series of moves has been passed down from teacher to student for generations and is always performed with the same strokes in the same order.  These moves stimulate the Sen (energy) lines that run through throughout the body.

A Thai foot massage session starts with a warm foot bath with aromatic epsom salts.  Then you transfer to the massage table for a series of flowing massage strokes across the foot, shin and knee with a light massage oil.  The leg is raised to better access the calf for a massage the posterior side of the lower leg and warming essential oils are added at the knee.  A small wooden stick is used for a portion of the session, either by rubbing the stick across the skin or by using the point to gently target specific points on the sole of the foot.


Although you may become drowsy during the session, when you stand up at the end of the appointment your legs and feet will be revitalized with increased circulation, energy flow and release of muscle tension. 


How should I prepare for a Thai foot massage?
Wear shorts or loose pants that easily roll above the knee without cutting off circulation.  Alternatively, you may undress and use a sheet for modesty draping.

Thai foot massage is best performed when you are able to lie flat on your back for one hour.  Please let me know if that is not comfortable for you as I can arrange some pillows under the knees or use an incline pillow behind your back, however these bolsters do limit some of the free flow of movements along the whole body.

Thai foot massage is safe to receive during pregnancy, but may require some additional props for your comfort.

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