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Looking back on 2018

With each reflexology session I give, I often record my clients' thoughts, feelings or sensations after the session has ended. Here's some quotes from clients over the course of 2018:

"I could feel my stomach rumbling"

"I'm already walking better"

"My feet feel really great!"

"I'm very relaxed. Lots of random memories came up"

"What did you do to release my hip? My left hip is really shifting"

"My feet feel really different"

"I feel so much energy in my body"

"Just so relaxing; Time goes so fast"

"I was meditative all that time; I'm going to sleep well tonight"

"That was amazing. I felt tingling on my scalp"

"My mind went into neutral"

"My feet are reset"

"Really felt like I got out of my head"

"I feel like I can breathe for the first time in weeks"

"The way I sleep after reflexology is like a total reset"

"Reflexology is my new favorite"

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