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Reflexology is effective for foot pain

Today I saw two clients each with a different experience of foot pain that their doctors had waved off without a treatment plan. Although I am not a doctor and do not know the cause of their foot pain, I am always thrilled and amazed at how effective reflexology can be for just about any foot pain. Doing these tiny little thumbwalking moves over each little part of the foot naturally encourages the body to release any tension stored in the intricate musculature of the foot. After the foot is loose, I use gentle rolling motions to encourage all parts of the foot to use their full range of motion.

Today, one of my clients actually limped into my office and after four days of walking in this unnatural way, the pain had actually spread up to her knee and across to the opposite hip. While on the table, she noticed several knots in her foot suddenly release. When one knot let go, she remarked how the pain in her knee was totally gone. Although it’s never my goal, sometimes the bones of the feet will shift back into place during reflexology work and this client was full of pop and click sounds and with each one she sighed as if the shift back to balance was also happening in her whole body. At the end of the hour session she walked out completely pain free in her foot, knee, hip and mid-back. I’m always blown away by the simple power of reflexology and the importance of a loose and flexible foot.

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