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Reiki energy work chakra balancing in seattle relaxation combine with foot massage for health and well being
Reiki Lineage
Mikao Usui
Chujuro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Virginia Samdahl
Cherie Wine-Prashun
Eileen Dey Wurst
Christine Freeland

Reiki Energy Work


One Hour Reiki $70

Half Hour Reiki $40

30 minutes Reiki + 30 minutes Foot Reflexology $70


This technique was developed in Japan in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui. The word Reiki means universal energy, commonly known as chi or prana.  By placing hands over or lightly on top of the body, the chi or subtle energy can be directed to activate the natural healing processes of your body, encourage muscle relaxation, and restore emotional well-being.

In this method, the energy worker is attuned to receive reiki in a ceremony conducted by a teacher and given to the student. There are three levels of attunement and each level comes along with traditional symbols that can strengthen or focus reiki energy.  In essence, we become funnels or vessels to receive the universal reiki and then use our hands to channel the energy to our clients.  It is said that the reiki has its own intelligence and goes where it is needed in the client's body.  As a practitioner, it is my job to hold the space and allow the reiki to flow through me.  I observe and feel the moving waves of energy under my hands.  I am a witness for the reiki and my client, giving my full attention to the experience.

Receiving or giving reiki can be meditative or trance-like.  One of the skills we learn is distance reiki, meaning that we can send reiki energy to someone who is not in our physical presence, and it also means that we can send reiki forward or backwards in time to be a comfort to our clients in times of crisis.  Perhaps a client experienced childhood trauma that affects them to this day, for this client we can send reiki back to that time and stand as witness to their hurt and give reiki to soothe the situation.

In addition, the major energy centers in our bodies are called chakras.  There are seven main chakras that line up from the crown of the head to the base of the spine, and they can be felt very clearly in a reiki session.  Each one of these chakras line up with congregations of neural bundles in our bodies and so each chakra is tied to specific organs of the body and can be drivers of emotions.  Giving reiki to these energy centers can restore a balance among the seven chakras and allow clients to feel more settled and centered.


Many clients describe the feeling of receiving this work as soothing the nervous system and cultivating a meditative quality of mind. Some feel warmth from the practitioner’s hands or see vivid colors or dreams.


Reiki used along with reflexology is a heavenly way to achieve deep relaxation and inner peace.


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