All About Diffusers


Using a diffuser is the safest way to enjoy essential oils.

Essential oils are very powerful and it takes only a few drops of oils to fill a room with scent for hours.  This method of receiving aromatherapy is safe for all people, but use caution and monitor children under two or people in frail health.  Many essential oils have anti-bacterial or anti-viral properties so applying them to a whole room in a fine mist will address the most surface areas. 

Qualities to look for in a great diffuser

1. Quiet.

Many people use essential oils for their calming, relaxing benefit and the last thing you need when you are meditating or trying to sleep is to hear a buzzing motor.

2. No Heat.

Essential oils are the volatile compounds of a plant which means by nature they evaporate quickly.  Adding heat to the equation speeds up the evaporation and you end up using more oil and enjoying it for less time.  Also, if you studies organic chemistry, you know that heat can cause a reaction in the chemical bonds and actually change the compounds in the oil.

3. On-Off Cycle.

When we talk about the effects of essential oils and mood, we are really talking about the brain's olfactory system which is closely linked to mood and memory.  When we first smell a scent, our brain triggers a series of events that recall memory associations and so forth.  If we continuously smell the same scent, our brain tires of processing and simply ignores it after a minute or so. This is called "nose blindness".   So continuous diffusion does not have a lasting effect.   If the diffuser is running on a on-off cycle with 2 to 10 minutes in the off phase, when the oil is again introduced to the environment, the brain again reacts.  With this method, you react to an oil many times within an hour and your oils last longer.

Here I have provided my favorite diffusers in a variety of price ranges.