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Little Bird Reflexology has permanently closed.

Thank you for ten great years!  I have loved doing this work and seeing the impact reflexology, reiki and relaxation can have on my clients.

Find a new reflexologist:

To find another reflexologist who is similarly trained, please visit: 

Washington Reflexology Association or Reflexology Association of America

This pandemic has been difficult for a lot of reflexologists and many practitioners that I know and trust have closed their doors as well or moved away from Seattle.   I hope the next generation of healers are on their way.

Have a gift certificate?

If you have an gift certificate, please email me and we'll work out a solution.

What am I doing next?   

I've bought a camper van and I'm planning to hit the road and see all of America.  I'm also hoping for an extended chance to commune with nature and develop my energy work.  I'd like to start online course for Reiki training and guided meditations for relaxation, so we'll see how that plans out.

I'm planning to share some videos of my trans-America journey. If you want to follow along. here's my YouTube channel Acorn Chalet.  I've never made videos before, so please don't expect too much.  This is mostly just to share where I am and what I'm seeing with friends and family back home.  

Will I ever do reflexology again?

Absolutely!  I love reflexology and hope to settle somewhere where I will be able to practice full time.  I'm not sure where or when I'll start working again, but I will send a note to those on my mailing list when I do.   There is a high likelihood I will land in Ocean Shores, WA.

Love and kindness,


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